The Future of Fragrances - Branding Branding Branding

The Future of Fragrances - Branding Branding Branding

History:  In the early times of fragrance branding there was an exclusive nature to any purchase.  To find what you loved you had only a few options.

Going to your favorite store that provided that EXCLUSIVE option of scent was your best bet.

Today the world is very different.  Every brand that has marketed itself with great success has stopped caring about the independent store. 

1- they sell online
2- they sell everywhere
3- they discount aggressively to generate income especially during the holiday season

The only option left for the independent store own is to just give up!


Well I am not serious since we have the perfect option that solves all of the problems and you didn't even realize were solvable.



1-you have loyal customers
2- you can create your own story and your own fragrance blends
3-you can promote your business and more specifically your history and your area.  You can create a sense of loyalty and community for your business.

It is a fact!  It is happening everyday!

What are you waiting for??????

Reach out and let us show you how it works and how you can be the SOLUTION!


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